Project overview

In an exciting collaboration that merged vintage charm with a touch of whimsy, London House Rugs had the pleasure of working alongside the talented interior designers from Ennismore and Roman & Williams, at the exquisite Eynsham Hall in Oxfordshire. This project saw the supply of an extensive collection of antique handmade rugs, carefully chosen to enhance the eclectic style and traditional interiors of this historic gem.

With its rich history dating back to the 17th century, Eynsham Hall served as the perfect canvas for our handpicked pieces. Nestled amidst picturesque gardens and captivating landscapes, this grand Jacobean masterpiece is to enter a new age . Our goal was to add a layer of warmth and character to spaces rich in history, inviting guests to step into a world where the past intertwines with a modern luxurious aesthetic.

As you enter the Library, your eyes are immediately drawn to a decorative Antique Kerman Rug, setting the stage for a large mahogany table adorned with books and decks- a nod to the relaxed and versatile future for these grand rooms.

The Kerman rug was carefully selected for this setting due to its elegant design and neutral tones which make for a perfect pairing with the surroundings. The stand out features of this space are to be the fine collection of books and the dancers, when the DJ kicks off his set!

Heading from the Library to the Reception Hall, a funky lounge area invites guests to admire this huge space, now divided into inviting seating groups, upholstered in a sumptuous mix of fabrics and anchored with a vibrant array of antique Persian and Indian carpets.

Centre stage is a Tabriz carpet, over 120 years of age, which has a faded elegance that allows the heady range of fabrics, upholstery and bold contemporary art, to breathe without shouting “look at me!”

It is, perhaps, only when seated with a gin and tonic in hand, that you have a moment to notice its timeless quality and the fineness of detail in this most intricate of designs

Another door, another grand reception room that has been used as a canvas on which the designer’s vision is expressed.

The space, used as a member’s study, is a captivating mix of mid- century furniture, large bold canvases, solid oak panelling and the odd antique Brussels tapestry thrown in for good measure.

Vintage overdyed rugs are a classic choice when fusing design elements from different genres, and this small Vintage Overdyed rug does just that, whilst packing a mighty punch.

These rugs undergo a unique dying process, giving them a truly distinctive look, encompassing traditional design elements with both a distressed and contemporary feel—the perfect piece to add to the drama of the room

At London House Rugs, we understand that every design project deserves that special touch, a piece that elevates the space to extraordinary heights. Our exquisite rugs, carefully sourced from around the world, offer the perfect solution, marrying tradition with contemporary elegance.

Our collection encompasses a comprehensive array of Persian carpets, Anatolian kilims, and beyond, each rug telling a story of its own. From opulent vintage pieces to delicately handcrafted antiques, our selection is sure to captivate the discerning eye.

To truly appreciate the beauty and essence of our rugs, we extend an exclusive invitation to interior designers—a chance to book an in-situ viewing for your next project. Witness firsthand how our rugs transform spaces, adding depth, warmth, and character to your vision.