Rug Home Viewing

Rug Home Viewing Service

London House Rugs is here to help you choose the perfect handmade rugs to suit your taste and interior design. Our complimentary home viewing service allows you to browse and try out a selection of rugs at home, arranged at a time to suit you.


A complimentary home viewing service at a time to suit you

Home viewing service

Enquire about our complimentary home viewing service.

Hand pick a variety of rugs

If you’re not sure what would work best, why not let our experts hand-pick a variety of rugs for you to try, based on any swatches, mood boards or furnishings you might have.

Let our experts hand pick a variety of rugs for you

we‘ll carefully pack and deliver

Once you are happy with the selection, we will carefully pack and deliver the rugs to your door, for you to see in situ, with no obligation to buy.

Carefully packed and delivered to your door

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