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Whether a Classic, Vintage or Contemporary runner, make your hallway more than just a thoroughfare!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Hall/Carpet Runners?

    It can take time to get the right look and feel in your home, but the first thing everyone notices when walking into a room is flooring. By placing hall/carpet runners in a hallway or any other space, you can instantly add a depth of design and colour to these areas.

    Hall/Carpet runners are practical and versatile. They can be used in multiple locations around your home and workplace. Hall runners or carpets are a warming addition and create a statement for your hallway and connecting rooms. They also add a layer of protection to stone and hard wood floors as well as aiding noise suppression and reducing echoes.

  • Why Are They Popular?

    Hall runners are a beautiful and practical way to add a focal point to your hallway. By adding a hall runner, you can protect hard wood and stone floors from damage and add an extra splash of colour to your home or workplace.

    A hall runner will create a beautiful first impression when guests enter your home. Hall runners are also an effective way to divide rooms and direct foot traffic. They sit perfectly in front of a table or sofa but can be placed anywhere in your home, even the bathroom! Hall runners are popular for many reasons – they add atmosphere, colour and pattern to a room and can also help reduce draughts.

    Interior Design: Are Hall/Carpet Runners In style?

    These days, hall and carpet runners are back in vogue. They are a fantastic way to convey colour, pattern and style in your home and workplace and are a durable and versatile addition to high traffic areas. They can also be used as a narrow rug in front of a chair or sofa in the living room or along a table in the dining room.

    Aesthetics – Improving Your Space

    Hall runners provide a clear line from the exterior of a property to the interior and can be used under tables, under beds, behind sofas or in all sorts of other settings. Our hall runner collection includes fine traditional designs in both floral and geometric patterns as well as more abstract and minimalist contemporary designs. Choosing the right colour or pattern for your home or workplace can be difficult, but we have decades of experience to help you make the best choice for you.

  • Should Your Rug And Runner Match?

    How do you balance formality with making a statement? London House Rugs gives you the best of both worlds. From bold colours like red, orange and blue to earthy tones and neutrals, there is a runner for every space.

    But the answer is no, they don’t have to match. It is all down to personal choice. Whether you want to match antique rugs with contemporary runners or decorative runners with tribal rugs, it’s all down to what suits you and your design goals. You can create cohesion with complimentary design or inject a bold new statement with something cutting edge and minimalist. Everyone has a different view on what works together.

    A runner’s colours will also enhance the appearance of your upholstered furniture and home accessories.

  • Is A Hall Runner The Best Rug For An Entrance?

    A hall runner or rug is the perfect finishing touch to the entrance of a property. It welcomes guests, sets the tone and can make or break a space. They are also a great way of creating a striking first impression!

    Although you must take care to make sure that the entry points to your living space are kept safe, you should not be afraid to add some aesthetic value. Hall runners are an excellent addition as they add colour and warmth to your flooring while giving an extra layer of protection against scuffs and debris.

  • What Are The Different Types Of Hall Runners?

    Decorative Hall Runners

    At London House Rugs, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of classic hall runners in the UK. Whether it’s an intricate floral Tabriz design or a traditional geometric kilim runner.

    Contemporary Hall Runners

    Whether you’re looking for a bold statement or a subtle design, find the best rug for you when you browse our contemporary hall runners. Based on today’s trends, they can feature vibrant colours and bold design or reserved pastel colours and minimalist detailing.

    Tribal Hall Runners

    London House Rugs’ tribal hall runners collection are beautiful handmade pieces from nomadic tribes across the Middle East and Asia. They are a snapshot of international and cross-border cultures and provide comfort and a classic feel to your home or workplace.

    A tribal or ethnic hall runner will complement any room no matter how complex, eclectic or minimalist it is in its design. Tribal hall runners have some of the most iconic rug designs and contain rich colours that have been used for hundreds of years.

    Antique Hall Runners

    An antique hall runner is a traditional and timeless piece. A design classic, they are referred to as hall runners because of their typical placement in the main hallway of the home. Antique hall runners can be used in any room and are the ideal accessory for hardwood and stone flooring.

    Whether you’re looking to create an illusion of space, highlight a specific area, or subtly accent your existing interiors, an antique hall runner is the perfect addition. Their exceptional charm and durability have made these classically elegant rugs a must have and much-loved feature in the home and workplace.

  • How Much Of Your Hallway Should Your Runner Cover?

    For every hallway, there’s the right rug to cover it. Our hall runners are hand knotted with the highest quality natural materials, are meticulously crafted and can last a lifetime (or longer) if looked after. It doesn’t matter if you have wide spacious hallways or narrow staircases, they just need to cover the area according to your individual requirements. It is always advised to measure your hallway before purchasing a runner. Measuring the walking distance from one room door to the next can also help determine the size you need.

  • Can You Put A Runner In Front Of A Sofa?

    Hall runners/carpets come in a vast range of sizes. From small pieces of around 150 x 50cm to extra large pieces over 600 x 200cm. They can also be made to your exact size requirements.

  • What Size Is A Hall Runner/Carpet?

    Hall runners/carpets come in a vast range of sizes. From small pieces of around 150 x 50cm to extra large pieces over 600 x 200cm. They can also be made to your exact size requirements.

  • How Can You Keep Your Hall Runner In Place?

    Depending on the surface a hall runner (or any rug) is placed on, they can move around if this surface is highly polished or smooth. We supply semi-adhesive underlay that grips both the runner and the floor to prevent such slippage. This also adds an extra ‘bounce’ to your hall runner underfoot.

  • Why Choose London House Rugs?

    London House Rugs brings you a large selection of tribal, decorative, antique and contemporary hall runners from countries across the world. Our collection of hall runners is all about style, quality and durability. So whether you’re looking for something bold or subtle, we can find the perfect piece for your home or workspace.

    We believe in honouring our commitments and inspiring trust with the best service possible. Whether you are a residential customer or a commercial client, we are here to help. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful rug to call their own and our expert staff can help you find that special piece.

    We offer free delivery within mainland UK and if the rug is not right, you can just return it to us for a full refund within 30 calendar days.