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Rich in rug making history and sourced for their distinctive quality and artistry. Antique rugs and vintage handmade carpets for sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are Vintage & Antique Rugs

    Vintage and antique rugs are two words that tend to be used interchangeably, but there is a difference. The term ‘antique’ is generally applied to rugs that are 90 years old or more. Rugs that are considered ‘vintage’ are those which were woven in the mid 20th century. They come from all over the world from countries such as Iran (Persia), Afghanistan, India, Anatolia (Turkey) and China as well as other areas of the Orient.

    London House Rugs offers the finest vintage and antique rugs from around the world, expertly hand-selected for their uniqueness and quality.

    A vintage or antique rug was hand-knotted by master weavers and is an investment in a piece of history. Behind their beauty lies a fascinating story of artisans, global commerce and culture. The fine detail in each rug makes them extraordinary pieces of textile art.

  • Why Are Vintage & Antique Rugs So Popular?

    A vintage or antique rug can add elegance to a room. Their intricate patterns and repeating designs are the perfect way to add texture and colour. A vintage or antique rug may be old, but its beauty is timeless. No matter what style you are looking for, there’s a vintage or antique rug for you.

    Vintage and antique rugs are timeless, opulent and often complement contemporary and modern interiors too. Each rug is a truly unique piece of history and can add an interesting contrast to modern and contemporary spaces.

  • Our Vintage & Antique Rug Collection

    London House have over 45 years’ experience in the rug industry and we ensure that all our vintage and antique rugs are of excellent quality from across the world. You can find the perfect vintage or antique rug at London House and with extensive knowledge of design, craftsmanship and weaving techniques, we can also source a vintage or antique rug according to your requirements.

    We have a wide selection of vintage and antique rugs available whether you are a designer, a collector or simply shopping for that special piece for your home.

  • Vintage & Antique Rug Designs

    Start your interior design project with London House Rugs! We have an extensive collection of vintage and antique rugs, all specially chosen to meet our excellent quality standards.

    Vintage and antique rug designs can be traced back to ancient civilizations and are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Master weavers have crafted each rug using traditional techniques and natural fibres such as wool, silk or wool and silk blends.

    Each design is unique to each rug, whether from the tribes of Persia or the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any space and bring comfort and luxury to where you live or work.


    Discover the finest handmade vintage and antique rugs. Our collection of hand-knotted rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, India, Anatolia (Turkey) and further reaches of the Orient cannot be replicated or reproduced by another piece.

    With unerring attention to detail, centuries-old rug knotting techniques are passed on from generation to generation and are what give vintage and antique rugs their charm, softness and ornate design. Whether hand-knotted on vertical looms or horizontal looms, these antique and vintage rugs are highly durable and can last a lifetime.


    The pattern and colour palettes found in vintage and antique rugs go a lot further than just adding warmth and texture to a room. Each rug is coloured using natural vegetable dyes and this gives a vast range of colour types, whether you are looking for creams and pastels or deep reds and blues. Vintage and antique rugs are a truly natural textile and offer a huge range of colour options across the colour spectrum.

    Material & Quality

    London House Rugs is all about bringing you a curated collection of vintage and antique rugs from around the world. We have travelled every corner of the orient to build our knowledge and bring you the best quality vintage and antique rugs. These one-of-a-kind treasures can make a real statement in your home, with each of our vintage and antique rugs hand-selected to bring you something both unique and timeless.


    Vintage and antique rugs are woven to last. Not only are hand-knotted rugs made exclusively by traditional methods, but they also capture the intricate details of stunning works of art. They are woven with natural fibres of wool, silk or a blend of wool and silk. Many vintage and antique rugs have a pile that is raised from the warp and weft of the rug and can be any thickness from 0.5cm to over 4cm. This is as a result of being woven on vertical looms, but you can also get vintage and antique rugs that have no pile or that are flatwoven. These rugs are woven on horizontal looms, hence the terms ‘flatweave’ or ‘flatwoven’. Vintage and antique Kilims fall into this category and as such have no pile.

    Weaving & Knotting

    Weaving is a process of making fabric by interlacing two sets of yarns using a loom. One of the most ancient and versatile of human technologies, weaving (or hand-knotting in the case of rugs) is capable of producing a wide variety of rugs. Every design tells a story and each rug is unique with its own character. The weavers use free-flowing wool that has been dyed using natural substances, such as the bark of the madder plant, which helps to produce the distinctive subtleties of colour and tones in the finished rug.

    Hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs are a treasure fashioned by skilled artisans, the techniques of which have been refined over thousands of years. All of our vintage and antique rugs are hand-knotted on vertical or horizontal looms and are highly durable, whether in residential or commercial settings.

  • Common Types Of Vintage & Antique Rugs

    Kilim Rugs

    Kilims are woven by hand on horizontal looms and are usually made of wool. They do not have a pile on account of them being flatwoven, are very durable and are easy to care for. Most traditional vintage and antique Kilim rugs come from tribal groups in Afghanistan, Anatolia (Turkey) or Iran.

    Vintage and antique Kilim rugs are all individually unique. Each piece is handcrafted by expert artisans who apply ancient techniques to construct a rug with beautiful detailing, vivid colours and intricate patterns. Vintage and antique Kilims are not only used as rugs, but also as textile art displayed on walls in residential and commercial properties.

    Persian Rugs

    When you’re looking for a vintage or antique rug, one of the first terms that springs to mind is ‘Persian Rugs’. These intricate pieces of art have been hand woven in Iran for generation after generation and use age-old rug making methods. Each vintage and antique Persian rug is knotted by hand and has a history dating back thousands of years.

    The joy of a vintage or antique Persian rug comes from the stories conveyed through their pattern and variety of colours. Like vintage and antique Kilims, they are also used as textile art displayed on walls.

    Vintage and antique Persian rugs are often highly prized because of their value, intricacy and wool or silk quality. It is often thought that these rugs are delicate and fragile but actually the contrary is true! Ancient weaving techniques make these rugs highly durable, meaning these rugs can last more than a lifetime!

    Whether you want a vintage or antique rug to stand out in your sitting room or something to inject a subtle touch of pattern and colour into your space, you can find vintage and antique Persian rugs for almost every taste.

    Turkish Rugs

    Turkish rugs evolved from the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, Anatolia and Persia as a good way to protect their tents or homes from the cold weather. These tribes would bring with them rabbits, sheep and goats to provide the materials needed for making their rugs.

    Their intricate weaving, primary colours and patterns made these rugs popular around the world. Vintage and antique Turkish rugs have been admired and collected for decades and are one of the oldest crafts. Weaving on a handloom has not changed much over the centuries; the craftspeople in Anatolia perfected fabric weaving and to this day still weave beautiful rugs using time-honoured techniques. Vintage and Antique Turkish rugs add character, colour and life to any room of the house. They can also act as a statement piece, defining the room’s overall look and feel. The beauty and intricacies of Turkish vintage and antique rugs are a reminder of the great journeys and trials endured by hard-working nomadic people.

    Oushak Rugs

    Vintage or antique Oushak rugs are layered with aesthetics, meaning and colour. They have a graceful design, are highly durable and offer unique craftsmanship.

    Oushak rugs are older than you might think. Alongside the hand-knotted rugs of the Middle East, they’re deemed by most to be among the finest of all vintage and antique rugs. These beautiful textiles were hand-knotted on vertical looms and coloured with natural vegetable dyes.

    Vintage and antique Oushak rugs are made to last! Knotted from dense wool and tightly woven, they’re specifically designed to keep cool in the hot summer months and warm in the colder months.

    Moroccan Rugs

    Morocco is home to a treasure trove of vintage and antique Moroccan rugs. These timeless pieces are produced by skilled craftsmen in the small towns of Morocco who have been weaving authentic, hand-knotted masterpieces for centuries. Each rug is characterised by intricate geometric patterns and unique colour combinations using an ancient system which dictates the dyeing and finishing processes.

    Oriental Rugs

    ‘Oriental Rugs’ is a collective term often given to Persian, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, Caucasian, Anatolian (Turkish), Chinese, Nepalese and Tibetan rugs.

    The history of the Oriental rug dates back to the nomadic tribes that wandered across the vast regions of the Middle East and Asia. With no option of building permanent settlements, these travelling people needed thick rugs to help keep their families safe during their long journeys. The durability and beauty of hand-knotted vintage and antique Oriental rugs cannot be overstated, and this craftsmanship can last hundreds of years.

  • Why Choose London House Rugs?

    We have decades of experience when it comes to sourcing and selling vintage and antique rugs. We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality rugs with the most eclectic mix of designs and offer a complimentary home viewing service. This lets our clients see their selection of rugs in their homes and properties.

    We offer free delivery within mainland UK and if the rug is not right, you can just return it to us for a full refund within 14 calendar days.