Antique Persian Baft Kilim

300 x 160cm, 9'10" x 5'2"
  • SKU: p709

    An antique Persian Baft Kilim rug, a testament to the timeless artistry of Persian weaving, stands as a true marvel of craftsmanship, design, and the use of naturally dyed wool. This remarkable piece, with an exceptional banded design and intricate embroidery, is a masterpiece from a bygone era, capturing the essence of Persian textile heritage. Dating back to a time when meticulous care and artistic precision were the hallmarks of rug-making, this piece is a striking representation of traditional Persian craftsmanship.

    This Baft Kilim rug is a striking addition to any interior decor. The banded design, characterised by a harmonious combination of stripes and geometric patterns, commands attention with its warm and dark tones, creating a rich and inviting ambience.

    What truly distinguishes this rug is the use of naturally dyed wool. The vibrant colours that grace the rug are a testament to the rich history of Persian dyeing techniques, where organic sources such as plants, roots, and insects were used to create dyes. Over the years, these dyes have mellowed into warm and rich tones, revealing a beautiful patina that has only grown more captivating with time. The warm and dark hues used in this rug add a sense of depth and character, creating an atmosphere of both cosiness and elegance.

    The banded design showcases the weaver's exceptional skill and eye for detail. Stripes and geometric patterns, meticulously woven and embroidered, form a captivating interplay of shapes and lines. The stripes provide a sense of order and rhythm, while the geometric patterns add a layer of complexity and visual intrigue. This combination makes for a design that is both visually captivating and intellectually stimulating.

    The warm and dark tones used in this Persian Baft Kilim rug convey a sense of depth and mystery. Dark colours often symbolise sophistication and elegance, while warm tones evoke feelings of comfort and intimacy. The juxtaposition of these colours creates a rug that is not only visually striking but also emotionally evocative.

    The intricate embroidery work, a hallmark of Persian craftsmanship, adds an exquisite tactile dimension to the rug. The textured surfaces created by the embroidery invite the viewer to explore the rug's intricate details, revealing hidden treasures with each touch.

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