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Why Have a Home Viewing?

So, you’ve found a number of rugs you like on our website, but you just can’t decide which one is going to be suitable for your space! A nice problem to have and an easy one to solve with our complimentary home viewing service.

As much as we try to include clear images of our rugs, we understand that this is a personal investment, and it’s important to get a feel for the rug that is literally going to become part of the furniture for decades to come.

We allow you to view a variety of rugs in your home so that you can make an informed decision. Some rugs, particularly rugs containing silk, can appear differently depending on lighting; plus, you may think a rug will look a certain way, but it doesn’t look quite right with your current interior when placing it in situ. Our home viewing service helps overcome these issues.

Another reason for a home viewing service is…rugs can be heavy! Every rug is made to the highest quality, and therefore some can way up to as much as 200kg. For larger rug selections, our team can unload the rugs and place them down for you; we’ll even help move any hefty furniture upon request.

How Long Will a Home Viewing Take?

Home viewing times are dependent on the number of rugs being viewed and how easy it is to access your space. Most of the time, home viewings take around an hour to complete; however, we don’t like to limit things as we understand it can take a while to make a decision.

How Do I Qualify For a Home Viewing?

As much as we would love to provide home viewings for every customer, we try to keep as green as possible as a company, and part of this means reducing the number of vehicles on the road. We provide home viewings for any rugs over the value of £1200 as these tend to be larger pieces, or for anyone wanting to view several rugs.

How Do I Book a Home Viewing?

If you’re interested in viewing a number of rugs or you need help with a larger space, simply fill in the form below with your details, and we’ll try our best to get you booked in for that same week!