So, what is a Kilim? Let’s answer one of life’s great questions!

It’s a flat woven rug, with no pile, often with a beautiful geometric design and vibrant colours.

So, where do they come from?

This technique has been used to create rugs from the earliest records of weaving, with evidence found on Neolithic pottery at the oldest Human settlement, which was discovered South East of Konya, Turkey (7000BC)!

They are woven to this day across the rug-making world, from Thrace and Anatolia in Turkey through to Iran (Persia) and up into the subcontinent of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So, how much will these beauties set me back? DON’T PANIC!

Kilims are amongst the most affordable handmade rugs available and whether new or antique, we have thousands available.

Try one at home to see how these vibrant pieces of folk art can liven up a room and enhance a scheme, injecting jewel-like colours but with a subtle texture.

Too much information?

So, we know what they are, how they are made, where they come from and that they are surprisingly affordable. Now have a look through the London House stock to see what they look like! - View Kilim Rugs

Beautiful to be sure, but I wonder what they would look like in my room?

In over 40 years of rug hunting and punting, the London House team have placed thousands of kilim rugs in a huge range of settings, both residential and commercial. We’ve posted some images below of kilims that have recently found new homes, so get some inspiration and click here to hotfoot it straight to our kilim collection. - View Kilim Rugs