Situated in Covent Garden, The Nomad Hotel stands in all of its traditional British glory on the corner of Bow Street in London.

Formally known for its judicial purposes, this luxury hotel was once an infamous courthouse and police station stretching over 9000 square meters, known for trialling a number of celebrities and even holding Dame Vivienne Westwood in cells for breaching the peace in 1977. 

So when London House Rugs were approached by The Sydell Group to provide a variety of vintage and traditional rugs as part of a substantial renovation, we couldn’t wait to work with them on such a unique project.

The vision of this renovation was to transform a historic building into a 21st century hospitality experience that preserves the traditional spirit, through the use of bold patterns and rich colours. With this in mind, London House Rugs were tasked with the making of 80 luxurious bedroom and suite rugs, compiled of rich terracotta vintage overdyed pieces and bespoke bordered Jute rugs.

Once these initial installations had been complete, our team began collaborating with the designer on a variety of fully tailored solutions for the public spaces, including reception and gallery areas, club rooms, lobbies, and stairways. 

One of the more mysterious parts of this project involved the transformation of an uncompromising concrete “Staircase to nowhere,” which had been cut off during the reconfiguration of the building, creating a rather intriguing feature from what used to be the Magistrates Bar. The stair carpet crafted for this particular area was a vintage overdyed carpet that perfectly complemented the deep, moody tones emanating from the surrounding artwork installations by Claire Basler. This lobby also featured antique furniture sourced from Rupert Bevan and Jamb, creating an overall tension between masculine and feminine references.

In order to ensure the designers’ vision was fulfilled for the various public spaces, we took their ideas and provided guidance around colour pallets, material and weave options. We then made a number of hand knotted samples, which gave the designer the opportunity to see a selection of the rugs in situ before making a decision on the final design.

London House Rugs specialise in a range of bespoke rug installations for both commercial and private clients, providing authentic, traditional and contemporary rugs which enhance any interior design project. For more information, simply get in touch with our team.