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Hold onto your hats – London House Rugs is about to get really, really famous.

Okay, perhaps not really famous. But we featured on Channel 4’s Millionaire’s Mansions, which is pretty cool nonetheless.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s self-described as ‘a series that enters the private world of luxury interior design, exploring the houses and meeting the craftsmen, craftswomen and their wealthy clients.’ (That’s us! We’re the luxury rug suppliers… The craftsmen, if you will! How exciting.)

We were invited to take part in the renovation of a property on Tite Street in Chelsea. The street has been home to many prominent literary and artistic figures in the past, including the likes of Oscar Wilde and John Singer Sargent, having been a particularly fashionable place to live in since the 19th century.

The property we were involved in was home to the famous artist James Whistler, who painted notable works like ‘Whistler’s Mother’ among others:

We supplied two rugs for the renovation – including a Persian Hamadan Runner and one from our vintage over-dyed collection (pictured below). To make this type of rug, we use vintage Persian rugs that need a new lease of life – we distress, bleach and recolour them, ranging from vibrant to more subtle palettes, giving a unique mix of a traditional design with a modern twist.

Many thanks to Studio Mackereth who got us involved in this restoration project. The studio is a London-based collective of architects and designers who specialise in luxury retail, commercial and high-end residential projects (an establishment after LHR’s own heart).

Here’s to a bright, on-screen future (maybe) – watch the episode here (Episode 3).

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