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London House Rugs has just launched a very exciting new service called The Exchange, which provides a platform where people can advertise their pre-loved rugs on a consignment basis. Best of all, it only takes a few moments, and the whole process can be done online.

Where can I sell my rug?

For anyone looking to sell their handmade rugs, there are several online shops such as eBay, Etsy and other similar auction-style websites. The problem is these websites generally result in a meagre sale value, with sellers only receiving several pounds for their handmade rugs.

Another alternative is to use a local auction house as they will have a little knowledge about the value of your rug, and this is a great option if you're looking for a quick sale. Having spoken to hundreds of clients about their auction experience, one common issue is that the seller only receives around £100 on average for their large antique rugs, which can sometimes be worth upwards of £10,000.

What is my rug worth?

The biggest obstacle when selling your rugs online or at an auction house is that unless you have a solid knowledge of the rug industry, it's hard to know how much your rug is worth, and you could miss out on a good investment.

With over 35 years of experience in the rug industry, the experts and London House can provide a valuation of your handmade rug to ensure you're getting the best price for your pieces.

Why use The Exchange?

With The Exchange, you can advertise your rug on our website and receive a much higher value than any other online platform, should someone be interested in purchasing your rug. Every month, London House receives thousands of visitors from rug lovers and interior designers across the globe, so this website is the perfect place to showcase your beautiful handmade rugs to an appreciative audience.

We're very selective about which rugs we advertise on our website, ensuring our clients have access to the highest quality pieces. This also allows us to confirm the authenticity and advertise the rug's actual value, benefitting the seller.

  • Rug photo's taken with a drone
    Rug photo's taken with a drone
  • Images professionally edited
    Images professionally edited
  • We upload your rug to our website
    We upload your rug to our website

    How do I sell my rug?

    If your handmade rug is in good condition and you're able to supply photos, the process is quick and easy. Simply start by filling out our online form, and the LHR team will provide professional photo editing, upload the rug to our website and write a product description. They'll even manage any enquiries about the rug for you too.

    As outlined in our terms and conditions, we sell your rug on consignment. This means we'll notify you within 24 hours of someone showing interest in the rug to confirm a price. Once the transaction is processed, we allow 14 day waiting period in line with our 14-day return policy; then, we'll keep 20% of the sale value and transfer 80% of the funds to your account on day 15.

    What if my rug needs cleaning or repair work?

    If your rug requires a little TLC before being showcased to our visitors, we have a professional rug restoration and repair workshop. When filling out our online form, you have the opportunity to let us know about any stains, rips or if the rug needs a general clean. We'll then advertise your rug online, and if someone is interested in purchasing your handmade piece, we'll carry out the work at cost price and deduct this from your final sale price before sending it to its new owner.

    What rug images are required?

    The images you provide can be taken using a smartphone, and we require a minimum of 4 images per rug. Click here to view an existing product and an example of the photos required.

    We understand that it can be tricky trying to photograph a picture of the whole rug from above so we can accept more horizontal images, or in some cases, we can collect the rug and take the photos for you.

    Can you collect my rug?

    If you're looking to sell a large handmade rug and require LHR to take photos for you, or maybe you need it removed from your property, we can send a dedicated vehicle. The price to do so depends on your location. If you would like more information about this, you can speak to one of the LHR team on 0208 809 2220.

    Can you store my rug?

    Although we can store rugs in our warehouse, when left for an extended period, rugs require ongoing maintenance to stop rot, moth damage and other pests from harming natural fibres. With this in mind, we suggest keeping your rug stored safely on your property until someone becomes interested.

    If you would like more information about The Exchange, you can visit our Exchange page or give us a call to speak to the team.