If you’re considering a new rug for your space, making the right choice can be surprisingly difficult. What with all the different colours, patterns, weaves and pile types, not to mention which rug is going to match perfectly with your current interior!?!

Once you have established the size of your rug, the best way to begin your rug selection journey is to look at the two main rug types: traditional and contemporary.

What Are Traditional Rugs?

Delving a little deeper into traditional rugs, these pieces can be further categorised into rug styles that generally take their name from their place of origin, such as Persian or Afghan rugs. Overall traditional rugs are ornate with bold, rich pallets and decorative patterns. These rugs feature red and blue jewel-like colours with large central medallions and arabesque floral patterns throughout.

Traditionally, these rugs are either handknotted or hand-tufted using high-quality wool and silk, giving them a plush, thick pile, adding to their luxurious nature. The combination of delicate botanic shapes and distinct borders gives these rugs a stately appearance and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

If your interior has features such as decorative wall panelling or crown mouldings, with ceilings dressed in chandeliers, a traditional rug would be a perfect match to your decor. In saying this, more and more interior designs are using these classic rugs in contemporary spaces to bring warmth and a pop of colour into a more clinical setting.

Traditional rugs are often associated with the terms vintage and antique, with many pieces being made as far back as the early 18th century. For this reason, some rare silk pieces are priced at over £20,000, so always do a little research into the history of the rug before making a decision.

What Are Contemporary Rugs?

Moving onto contemporary, this rug type ordinarily features simpler patterns and minimal colour variations. They don’t follow any design traditions or have any cultural ties; they are simply a work of art that uniquely represents the individual who purchases them.

Many contemporary rugs in today’s market are machine made using synthetic materials; however, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, high-quality piece, a contemporary handmade rug is definitely the way forward.

Most contemporary rugs are woven with wool which produces a thick pile with a soft finish, making them perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. There is, however, one type of flatweave rug that is quickly growing in popularity, and these are called Contemporary Kilim rugs. These Kilim rugs have no pile as they are flat woven and feature bold designs in beautiful bright colours. Although many traditional rugs feature bold designs, the flatweave composition of these rugs gives them a minimalist feel and therefore look modern.

Hand-knotted contemporary rugs exhibit all kinds of shapes and patterns, with some of the more popular designs including abstract, geometric and art deco/ retro styles.

These rugs are perfect for introducing colour into a neutral space, and some of the attractive geometric designs that you see on these modern rugs can really add character to a room.

If you’re still scratching your head about which rug type would work best for your space, you can speak to one of our team who will happily provide you with some expert advice on rug options specifically tailored to your needs.