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With Over 10,000 Unique Handmade Rugs In Stock, London House Understands That Choosing The Right Rug For Your Space Can Be A Little Daunting! We’ve Looked At The Most Frequently Asked Questions From 45 Years Of Experience And Put This Quick Guide Together To Help You Make The Right Choice.

Where Do Handmade Rugs Come From?

When investing in a rug, it’s important to know its origin as this can determine the quality and value. Every rug is handmade by a select number of artisan weavers who create these beautiful pieces using the same techniques that have been handed down for millennia. Our weavers, whether in India, Persia, Nepal or Turkey, can draw on this deep knowledge and experience in the practice of this traditional craft.

What Materials Are Rugs Made From?

The 3 main materials used to create a rug are wool, silk and bamboo silk, which can be used individually or as a blend and each of these materials have different characteristics:

  • Wool is the most popular material as it is extremely durable with a soft finish, making it suitable for high traffic areas.
  • Bamboo silk is also soft and durable but has a glossier finish than wool. Bamboo Silk can be blended with wool to increase softness and durability.
  • Silk has a very soft and sumptuous feel with a lustrous finish. Weaving silk is extremely intricate so these rugs are carefully crafted by master weavers and often displayed on walls as well as floor areas with minimal footfall.

How Do I Choose The Right Rug Size?

The size of a rug is generally dependent on the room in which it will be situated. For example, a bedroom rug tends to sit underneath the bed and requires an additional 60cm in length without touching any walls so that you get that soft underfoot feeling when climbing out of bed in the morning.

If you’re considering a rug for a dining area, chances are you’ll be looking to place your table centrally on top of the rug. In which case, simply measure around 140cm beyond the length and width of the table to keep everything in proportion.

Choosing The Right Rug Colour

When purchasing a handmade rug, clients generally have a good idea of what colours they’re looking for as this is influenced by their interior schemes. One factor that will determine your colour choice will be the placement of the rug, as shades and tones can change dramatically depending on the lighting in a room.

The most effective way to ensure the rug colours are right is to use our home viewing service. This service lets you see multiple rugs in situ so you can make the most informed rug choice. 

What Rug Style Will Suit My Space?

The fundamental comparison between rug styles would be traditional and contemporary rugs, both of which can be used to create a contrasting design or further establish a theme.

Traditional rugs include Vintage and Antique, which normally feature large central medallions, decorative floral patterns or tribal geometric shapes. They have a versatile quality in that they can be used to enhance the opulence of a classic Victorian interior, but they are just as effective at adding warmth, colour and texture to a more contemporary space.

Contemporary Rugs are more minimalist than traditional rugs, featuring geometric patterns or even abstract designs composed of two or three colour combinations. These rugs can be used in more traditional settings to create a juxtaposition within the design, however, contemporary rugs are most commonly used in modern interiors to create a crisp, cutting edge look.

Although this guide provides some basic tips to help you with your decision, we understand that personal preference will play a big part in selecting the perfect handmade rug for your space.

We are passionate about our rugs and offer a friendly and knowledgeable service. London House Rugs are always on hand to help at any stage of your project and we very much look forward to hearing from you.