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Here at The London House Rug Company, we are proud to offer a real variety of carpets, rugs and tapestries – but what do you REALLY know about our range?

In a new, short blog series, we’re giving you the history behind some of our most popular offerings, highlighting their standout features and offering inspirational style tips.

We’ve had the Aubusson rug – now let’s take a look at Persian silk rugs.

A Quick History

Carpet weaving, in Persia, originated more than 2,500 years ago – so, as you can imagine, the history is incredibly varied.

Initially woven for practical reasons (to protect nomadic tribesmen from the cold and damp), the Persian rug developed, over time and change, into something more artistic and ornate. These changes were influenced by a medley of factors: the individual styles of the weavers in Iran’s many regions, increasing international trade and, many historians believe, different rulers.

A strong theory circulating the origins of the style’s artistic streak stems from the figure of Cyrus the Great. When he conquered Babylon in 539 BC, he was amazed by its grandeur – thus, many historians pin him as the reason for why the rug developed in a creative way, as opposed to a practical one – commandeered by his influence.

In A Word, They’re…Intricate.

Persian silk rugs are real works of art, in both the way that they’re woven, their designs and the use of dyes – a combination that makes them sought after and truly individual.

Unique Style Points

Persian silk rugs are diverse, richly coloured and of celebrated quality. At London House Rugs, we handpick the finest and most interesting pieces we find on our travels throughout Iran.

What They Look Good With

Due to the artistic complexity of the Persian silk rug’s design, and the immense character it carries – it can’t help but make a statement.

A fine Vintage Isfahan Rug adds depth and richness to dark wood floors or paler flooring. Match it with some white or dark furniture (extreme, singular colours work best with such an intricate design) and you’re all set.

Alternately, this relaxing, natural-looking Fine Persian Qum Silk rug inspires feelings of tradition, class and calm – lovely for a lounge space or airy, bright bedroom.

Want to make an impact from the get-go? This Silk Nain Runner can’t help but be noticed on entering any house, perfectly complemented by warm hallway lighting and antique furniture.

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