Vintage Persian Qashqai Lori Rug

230 x 161cm, 7'6" x 5'3"
  • SKU: D336

    A Vintage Persian Qashqai Lori Rug hand knotted in wool circa 1950. This rug has a large central diamond medallion filled with geometric flower and plant patterns. Other flower motifs are woven into the multiple borders surrounding the central area. The well-known combination of deep red and blue colours gives the rug a warm feel, and the cream/white detailing in the large central diamond and borders help the motifs stand out further.

    This Qashqai Lori was woven by hand in South Persia by the nomadic Qashqai peoples, with rug making traditions dating back centuries. Its fine, geometric detailing and deep tones are a classic addition to bedrooms and living rooms with more traditional styles. It would also sit pride of place in modern, more minimalist settings as a strong splash of colour. 

    This Vintage Persian Qashqai Lori Rug is a very durable piece in excellent condition. Qashqai rugs are known for their toughness and lustrous sheen, and this piece is no exception.

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