Vintage Persian Mahal Rug

371 x 263cm, 12'2" x 8'7"
  • SKU: G312
    This Vintage Persian Mahal is an exceedingly opulent rug steeped in a history that began in the city of Mahallat, also known as Mahallat -e Bala. During the mid 19th century, rugs such as this one would have been hand knotted by families using a coarse weave made of fine wool, resulting in a soft velvet-like texture.The centre of this rug features a diamond medallion made up of curved arabesque floral patterns, hand knotted in classical shades of cream, Persian blue and deep red. Note that the floral shapes throughout this piece appear much larger than those of other Persian rugs, which is typical of Mahal design.Vintage rugs such as this one are cherished for their artistry. Interior designers and art lovers alike adore these rugs, not only because of their beauty but also because of their versatility and suitability for almost any decor. This Vintage Persian Mahal is an attractive investment, bound to appreciate over time because of its status.
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