Vintage Persian Balouch Rug

164 x 115cm, 5'4" x 3'9"
  • SKU: B360

    A Vintage Persian Balouch Rug with an attractive geometric design. The rug features four octagonal medallions running down its centre, and they are surrounded by a plain field. Tiny geometric flowers are incorporated into the borders to balance these larger medallions. Rich brown, dark blue and small amounts of cream colours are used to construct the various motifs.

    Persian Balouch Rugs are traditionally made in the South East of Iran, with this area bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is therefore also common to find similar Balouch Rugs of Pakistani and Afghan origin. This rug has been finely knotted with strong wool, making the rug very durable. It is in a good condition with small amounts of pile wear and a small hole in the pile, which is near unnoticeable.

    This Vintage Persian Balouch Rug is a hardwearing piece and its rich, dark colours make it suitable for high traffic areas. It is a good all-purpose rug for bedrooms, walkways, living rooms and studies.

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