Vintage Heriz Rug

383 x 250cm, 12'6" x 8'2"

    A Vintage Persian Heriz Rug hand knotted in wool circa 1940. The carpet features a traditional grand central medallion adorned with palmettes and flowers. These motifs are continued into the central area and borders of the rug, with softly faded pink-red, rich and deep blue, cream and gold tones forming these geometric-floral patterns.

    Persian Heriz Rugs are some of the most iconic and sought-after large rugs available. They are made in and around the city of Heriz in North Western Iran, and these rugs are famed for their lustrous and very hardwearing woollen piles, as the sheep graze on land with high levels of copper deposits. This rug was woven by highly skilled weavers and, combined with the wool's quality, this makes it very durable and soft to the touch. The piece is in very good overall condition with aged colours and minor repair work required to the corner edges. This repair work will be completed before delivery as well as professional cleaning.

    This Vintage Persian Heriz Rug is a classic piece of textile art and a versatile addition to any interior. The rug is an excellent feature in both traditional and contemporary spaces like living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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