Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug

258 x 160cm, 8'5" x 5'2"
  • SKU: K538
    A richly coloured Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug hand knotted circa 1940. The rug has a large geometric diamond medallion in its centre, with smaller diamonds above and below this bold feature. All the colours are naturally dyed and consist of black, orange, red, grey and cream tones. The black ground colour helps bring out each central motif by contrasting directly with both the brighter and more mellow colours.A large diamond medallion in the middle of an Anatolian Kilim is more uncommon, and the addition of smaller motifs around this medallion is a rare find. The Kilim is flatwoven as it was made by hand on a horizontal loom and has no pile.Though it has some worn areas, for the Kilim's age it is in a good condition. Its contrasting black ground colour with the reds, oranges and creams make this piece an exciting addition to any setting.
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