Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug

128 x 123cm, 4'2" x 4'0"
  • SKU: K528
    Having been hand knotted in Anatolia in the early to mid-1900s, this lively Anatolian Kilim Rug has a strong narrative. At the top of this piece, it almost looks as if the weavers have put two separate rugs together with designs and colours interchanging from pink to red. Inconsistencies such as this one highlight how unique these rugs are, bursting with character and charm.Emblematic of Anatolian Kilim design, this piece features bold, repeated shapes woven in vivid colours. The weave is coloured using natural dyes, and the rug is composed of a typical flat weave meaning the rug has no pile. This lack of tuft is one element that gives Kilim rugs a more contemporary feel.Further down the rug, the narrative continues with two of the lozenges showing signs of wear. These natural inconsistencies are common with vintage rugs and make these historic pieces more appealing to collectors.
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