Persian Tabriz Rug

200 x 130cm, 6'6" x 4'3"

    A Persian Tabriz Rug hand knotted in fine wool in Northwest Iran. The rug features a central diamond medallion filled with flowers, trees and palmettes, with these motifs continuing throughout the central area. Large palmette and blossom patterns are woven within the borders. Orange-pink, deep blue, cream and gold-beige colours are used to form the grand garden design of the rug.

    Persian Tabriz Rugs are some of the finest and most sought-after pieces. They are woven by master weavers in and around the city of Tabriz in Iran, and their history dates back centuries. These rugs are renowned for their grand floral designs featuring medallions or all-over patterns. This rug was woven with excellent quality wool by highly skilled craftspeople, making it very hardwearing and soft underfoot. The rug is in excellent condition and does not have any damage.

    This Persian Tabriz Rug's soft and deep colours make it an excellent furnishing addition to classic spaces. The rug is best placed in dining rooms, bedrooms and living rooms with traditional features. 

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