Persian Heriz Rug

394 x 295cm, 12'11" x 9'8"

    A Persian Heriz Rug hand knotted in wool in North-western Iran. This rug features a classic floral star medallion and was hand-knotted by tribespeople in the North East of Tabriz - the well-known area of Heriz. This location sits on a major copper deposit, meaning the sheep’s drinking water contains traces of copper, resulting in particularly durable wool. The rug is coloured using natural dyes typical of the Persian pallet, with deep reds and blues creating this beautifully complex floral and geometric design.

    Heriz Rugs are some of the most popular decorative Persian Rugs available. They are known for exceptional craftsmanship and durability, and their designs date back centuries; they are also the inspiration for Afghan and Indian equivalents. This Persian Heriz Rug is in very good overall condition with little sign of wear.

    This classic Persian Heriz Rug is an excellent addition to both contemporary and traditional settings, with its rich colours and intricate patterns acting as a central focus for these spaces. As such, these rugs are regularly placed in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

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