Part Silk Fine Afghan Contemporary Runner

900 x 140cm, 29'6" x 4'7"

    Immerse yourself in the exquisite blend of modern design with this Part Silk Fine Afghan Contemporary Runner. Crafted from Lyocell, a luxurious fibre derived from sustainably harvested wood, this piece embodies both environmental consciousness and opulent beauty.

    At its core, this contemporary runner boasts a sleek and sophisticated design, featuring a plain pattern that exudes a sense of minimalist refinement. The bold blue hue serves as a captivating focal point, injecting a touch of vibrancy and depth into any space it adorns.

    Adding a striking contrast and visual interest, the edges are adorned with a border in shades of orange and grey. This border not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also lends a subtle yet distinctive character to the overall composition.

    Whether gracing the halls of a modern apartment, accentuating the warmth of a traditional home, or bringing a touch of sophistication to a corporate environment, this Part Silk Fine Afghan Contemporary Runner is sure to elevate any interior with its understated yet captivating allure.

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