Pakistani Bokhara Rug

177 x 125cm, 5'9" x 4'1"

    A traditional Pakistani Bokhara Rug woven in wool in Northern Pakistan. The rug features a classic tribal pattern of Gül (elephant’s foot) motifs and geometric borders. Black tones are used to separate the patterns from the cream background.

    Pakistani Bokhara Rugs are one of Pakisan's most popular rug types. Their designs come from Turkmen rug motifs, and they are found in homes all over the world. This rug is hand-knotted in fine wool, soft to the touch and highly durable. The rug is in very good overall condition with some wear to the fringes, and the rug would be cleaned prior to dispatch.

    This Pakistani Bokhara Rug gives excellent contrast to traditional or contemporary settings. The rug is an intriguing feature for bedrooms, studies and living rooms.

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