Pakistani Bokhara Rug

174 x 94cm, 5'8" x 3'1"

    A colourful Pakistani Bokhara Rug made of wool in Northern Pakistan. The rug features a tribal pattern of Gül (elephant’s foot) motifs and geometric borders. A deep green colour is used as the background, with contrasting vibrant and deep red tones forming the patterns.

    Pakistani Bokhara Rugs are a popular export of Pakistan's rug industry. The designs originate from Turkmen rug patterns, and they are very popular in the worldwide rug market. This rug was woven by hand from finely spun wool, is very durable and soft underfoot. The rug is in very good overall condition with little sign of wear. 

    This Pakistani Bokhara Rug is a great feature for adding warmth to contemporary and traditional decors. The rug is best placed in living rooms, bedrooms and studies.

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