Pakistani Bokhara Hutchli Rug

274 x 189cm, 8'11" x 6'2"

    A Pakistani Bokhara Hutchli/Hatchli Rug hand knotted in Pakistan by skilled weavers. The rug features a classic Hutchli/Hatchli or ‘doorway’ tribal design, with geometric shapes forming the panelled depiction. A rich-orange red colour contrasts with black and cream tones to create the tribal patterns.

    Pakistani Rugs with Hutchli or Hatchli designs are inspired by Turkmen pieces from the 1800s and 1900s. These rugs feature the same designs as their Turkmen parent pieces and also have similarly fine weaves. Made by highly experienced craftspeople, this rug is hardwearing and soft to the touch. The piece is in good condition but has several small stains within the pile, requires professional cleaning and possible stain removal. This work will be completed before delivery. 

    This Pakistani Bokhara Hutchli/Hatchli Rug is a warming addition to traditional spaces or open-plan, modern living areas. The rug is a versatile design piece for dining rooms, studies and living rooms. 

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