Pair of Silk Turkmen Rugs

178 x 170cm, 5'10" x 5'6"

    A pair of beautiful silk Turkmen/Turkoman rugs hand knotted in fine silk onto a silk warp and weft. The rugs feature an unusual all-over shrub design with a background in rich terracotta red colours and each motif in a strong kingfisher blue with smatterings of cream tones.

    Turkmen or Turkoman Rugs are particularly fine pieces and were traditionally made by the Turkmen tribes. Classic Turkmen Rugs regularly display a Gül or 'elephant foot' design throughout the centre of the rug and are generally made of fine wool, making these pieces all the more unusual. The fine silk pile and detailed patterns of these rugs are testaments to the quality of silk and skills used by master craftspeople. There is curling to the ends of each rug but this can be rectified prior to delivery. 

    With such a unique design, this pair of Silk Turkmen Rugs are great additions to traditional spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and studies. They can also be used as decorative wall art, as many silk rugs today can be adapted for such use.

    These two rugs are sold as a pair, but we can also sell them individually. If you would like to purchase a rug individually, please get in touch with us either by email or by phone.

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