Fine Antique Tekke Turkmen Rug

130 x 104cm, 4'3" x 3'4"

    Part of Sir Quintine Blake's Personal Collection

    The antique Turkmen Tekke rug from the Emirate of Bokhara, dating back to approximately 1900, boasts a timeless 24 Gül design—an emblematic pattern that holds profound cultural significance within the Turkmen weaving tradition. This exquisite rug is a testament to the artistry and heritage of the region, displaying a mesmerising array of colours and intricate geometrical patterns.

    The colour palette of this masterpiece is a harmonious fusion of shades, primarily featuring tones of red, brown, orange, and creams. Vibrant reds dominate the composition, evoking passion and vitality, while the deep browns infuse the rug with a sense of earthy warmth. Oranges interlace with creams, adding a touch of brightness and depth to the overall tapestry. The careful combination of these hues creates a visual symphony that enchants the observer at first glance.

    At the heart of the rug lies the iconic 24 Gül design—an arrangement of twenty-four distinctive motifs symbolising flowers or "Güls." These motifs are meticulously woven into the fabric, forming a captivating geometric pattern that radiates outward from the centre. Each "Gül" carries its own symbolism, often representing elements of nature, spirituality, or cultural beliefs deeply ingrained in Turkmen heritage.

    Alongside the 24 Gül design, the rug features an intricate network of geometrical patterns. These precise lines and shapes intertwine to create a mesmerising framework that is both aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant. The symmetrical layout and meticulous weaving of these patterns showcase the craftsmanship and dedication of the skilled artisans who meticulously crafted this remarkable piece.

    This Tekke rug transcends mere artistry; it is a historical artefact that encapsulates the essence of Turkmen culture during the early 20th century. Its 24 Gül design and geometric intricacies serve as a visual tapestry narrating stories of tradition, beliefs, and the cultural richness of the Emirate of Bokhara. As a revered relic of the past, this rug stands as a testament to the timeless beauty and profound craftsmanship of the Turkmen people.

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