Baluchistan Prayer Rug

126 x 88cm, 4'1" x 2'10"
  • SKU: B138
    Baluchi rugs are tribal, by nature and were originally made to be used as prayer rugs inside tents. Therefore, as a matter of practicality they are usually found in smaller sizes, the most common of which are 3' x 4' or 4' x 6', and not longer than 8 feet. Piled rugs in general are made from a mix of wool and cotton, in which cotton is used as the base of the rug, and wool forms the pile. In Baluch rugs, unlike most others, the foundation of the rug is also made of wool. These rugs are known for their resilience although the knot density is lower than most hand knotted rugs. Baluchi rugs are often woven with geometric motifs, tribal designs, architectural shapes and representations of mosques, mostly in darker colours.
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