Azerbaijani Rug

275 x 141cm, 9'0" x 4'7"

    A woollen Azerbaijani Rug hand knotted in a classic Caucasian tribal rug pattern resembling Kazak and Shirvan Rugs. This rug features four central lozenge medallions in rich red and dark blue tones, grounded against cream and further rich red colours. A grey-blue ground colour sits against the smaller lozenge and geometric flower motifs in the central area and borders.

    Azerbaijan has a long history of rug-making, and the patterns are typically tribal in nature, with highly geometric motifs and rich colours. The rugs are known for high quality, strong wool and skilled craftsmanship, of which this piece is a good example. This rug is very durable and in near excellent condition, maintaining its soft pile. There is very slight wear to the fringe ends, but it is almost unnoticeable.

    This Azerbaijani Rug is a versatile furnishing piece, and its classic tribal design and colouring make it an excellent addition to living areas such as dining rooms, bedrooms and studies. 

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