Antique Tekke Engsi Rug

140 x 110cm, 4'7" x 3'7"

    Part of Sir Quintine Blake's Personal Collection

    The Antique Tekke Engsi rug originating from the Emirate of Bokhara around 1880 is a masterpiece steeped in the cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Central Asian weaving. Crafted by the Tekke tribe, revered for their intricate rug-making techniques, this piece stands as a testament to their artistic prowess.

    The rug is framed by a refined small cream geometrical border that delicately encapsulates the grandeur within. Upon closer inspection, the central field unveils a mesmerising array of geometrical patterns adorned in vibrant hues of red, cream, and deep blue. These colours, rich and vivid, interplay harmoniously, creating an enchanting visual symphony.

    The centrepiece is a meticulously woven ensemble of geometrical motifs, each one exuding its distinct character and charm. From radiant reds to soft creams and deep blues, these shades form a tapestry of mesmerising shapes, including stylised medallions, and interlocking geometric patterns.

    Amidst this intricate arrangement, a central cream geometrical border commands attention, serving as an anchor that draws the eye towards its elegant intricacies. Its presence within the vivid tapestry adds a touch of balance and sophistication to the overall design, highlighting the craftsmanship's precision and attention to detail.

    Crafted around 1880, this rug bears the marks of time, which only enhances its allure and authenticity. The utilisation of hand-spun wool and natural dyes speaks to the dedication and mastery of the weavers, whose expertise is evident in every meticulously woven thread.

    This Antique Tekke Engsi rug is not merely a decorative piece; it encapsulates a rich cultural heritage and history. Displaying it in any space not only adds a touch of opulence but also serves as a tangible connection to the artistic legacy of the Emirate of Bokhara and the Tekke tribe—a testament to their artistic legacy and the stories woven within its fibres across generations.

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