Antique Persian Ziegler Mahal Rug

410 x 280cm, 13'5" x 9'2"
  • SKU: P595

    An ornate Antique Persian Ziegler Mahal Rug with elaborately woven patterns. This rug features palmette, vine and flower motifs, centred by three large bulb-like greater medallions. A rich red tone is used as the grounding colour of the rug, with cream surrounding the medallions in the central area. Blue, cream, orange and some deep green tones are then used within the borders and to delineate each palmette, vine and flower. 

    Persian Ziegler Mahal Rugs are very desirable and a rare find. They get their name from the company Ziegler & Co. in the late 1800s. This company had rug weaving facilities around the city of Sultanabad (now Arak), including a small village called Mahallat. Ziegler Mahal Rugs were woven with ornate floral, vine and palmette patterns, as is the case with this piece. This rug also has a robust woollen pile, making it highly durable to this day. 

    With such an intricate design and balanced blend of colours, this rug will make a statement in any room. Its large size makes it suitable for dining rooms, drawing rooms and large entertaining areas.

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