Antique Caucasian Marsali Prayer Rug

150 x 120cm, 4'11" x 3'11"
  • SKU: p715

    The Antique Caucasian Marsali Prayer Rug, crafted circa 1910, is a testament to the rich heritage of rug weaving in the Caucasus region. It presents a visually captivating tableau of intricate geometrical patterns. The rug boasts a diverse palette, featuring an array of colours such as green, pink, red, and blue, harmoniously arranged to create a striking visual impact. The main body of the rug is adorned with precise geometrical shapes, meticulously woven to form a symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing composition.

    A noteworthy feature of this antique rug is its vibrant multi-layered border, which frames the central design with a mesmerising array of geometrical patterns. Each layer of the border contributes to the rug's overall complexity, showcasing the artisan's skill in creating a tapestry that is both visually engaging and culturally significant.

    The use of varied colours and geometric shapes in the Antique Caucasian Marsali Prayer Rug reflects the rich artistic tradition of the Caucasus region. The rug not only serves as a functional piece but also stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and cultural heritage embedded in its design.

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