Antique Caucasian Kazak rug

296 x 145cm, 9'8" x 4'9"
  • SKU: P714

    This Antique Caucasian Kazak rug is a mesmerising piece of artistry that encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of the Caucasus region. Crafted with exquisite skill and intricate detail, this rug is a testament to the mastery of traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations.

    At its core, a vibrant red canvas forms the backdrop for the rug, radiating energy and warmth. This bold hue symbolises vitality and passion, instantly drawing the eye to the intricate patterns that adorn its surface.

    The centrepiece of the rug comprises three striking central geometrical motifs in shades of blue and black. These motifs are meticulously woven, each carrying its own symbolism and cultural significance. The geometric patterns, with their precise lines and symmetry, speak volumes about the craftsmanship and precision of the weaver.

    Surrounding these central motifs is a captivating border that frames the rug. The border is a masterpiece in itself, featuring a harmonious blend of blues, varying shades of red, and hints of earthy browns. The geometric designs within the border echo the themes of tradition and heritage, complementing the central patterns while adding depth and complexity to the overall composition.

    This Antique Kazak rug not only serves as a functional piece but also as a captivating storytelling artefact that invites contemplation of the cultural heritage and artistic prowess of its creators. Its timeless beauty and historical significance make it a prized possession, a testament to the enduring legacy of craftsmanship from the Caucasus region.

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