Antique Anatolian Milas Rug

181 x 125cm, 5'11" x 4'1"
  • SKU: P668

    A stunning Antique Anatolian Milas Rug hand knotted circa 1900. The rug features a well-balanced mix of rich red, warm grey and dark grey colours and a geometric design of continuous flower and frond motifs running vertically and horizontally across the rug. 

    Anatolian Milas Rugs originate from South-West Anatolia (today part of Turkey) and are famous for their strong colours. This rug has a sturdy woollen pile and was created by master weavers. The weaving of such rugs dates back to the 17th century, and Anatolian Milas were well established in the market by the 19th century. Many of these pieces were also exported to Europe.

    An excellent example of 19th century/early 20th century Milas textiles, this rug's contrasting red and grey tones and intricate design are best placed in a room as a central feature or focal point. Bedrooms, living rooms or studies are good spaces for this piece, whether more classic in style or contemporary in design.

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