Anatolian Kilim Runner

330 x 119cm, 10'9" x 3'10"

    The Anatolian Kilim Runner boasts an intricate geometrical pattern that intricately weaves across its surface, drawing the eye with its mesmerising symmetry and precision. Crafted with masterful skill and tradition, this striking piece features seven distinct motifs, each meticulously rendered with precision and care.

    Rich hues of red, blue, cream, and brown intertwine harmoniously, creating a captivating palette that exudes warmth and depth. The red tones infuse a sense of passion and vitality, while the blues evoke a serene tranquility, reminiscent of the vast Anatolian skies. Cream accents add a touch of elegance and lightness, serving as a gentle contrast to the earthy richness of the brown hues.

    The geometric motifs, meticulously arranged in perfect symmetry, dance across the length of the runner, creating a rhythmic visual narrative that captivates the imagination. Each motif is imbued with cultural significance, echoing the ancient traditions and stories of the Anatolian region.

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