Anatolian Kilim Footstool

40 x 30cm, 1'3" x 0'11"
  • SKU: L383

    The distinguishing feature of the Anatolian Kilim footstool lies in its Anatolian Kilim fabric, a traditional flat-weave textile originating from the Anatolian region of Turkey. The Kilim pattern, characterised by its geometric motifs and vibrant colour palette, adds an authentic touch to the footstool, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Anatolian people.

    The upholstery not only serves as a visual highlight but also contributes to the footstool's durability. The tightly woven Kilim fabric ensures resilience against everyday wear and tear, making it suitable for long-term use. The footstool's compact size makes it versatile, serving as a comfortable and stylish addition to any living space.

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