Afghan Ziegler Rug

203 x 194cm, 6'7" x 6'4"

    An Afghan Ziegler Rug in a rare square size, hand-knotted by Afghan weavers in lustrous wool. The rug features classic frond and palmette motifs, with rich sky blue, soft pink and cream abrashed colours throughout.

    Afghan Ziegler Rugs are inspired by Persian Ziegler Rugs from the 1800s, made by the famous company Ziegler and Co. These rugs feature pale, pastel colours and open, all-over floral patterns. They are made by craftspeople with decades of experience, making the rugs soft to the touch and very hard-wearing. This rug is in good overall condition but does have staining on the back and front sides. The rug requires professional cleaning and potential stain removal, which will be completed before delivery.

    This Afghan Ziegler Rug is an excellent fit for both modern and traditional settings. Its versatile furnishing colours sit well in dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

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