Afghan Ziegler Rug

343 x 243cm, 11'3" x 7'11"
£2,800.00 £2,250.00

    A woollen Afghan Ziegler Rug hand knotted in Northern Afghanistan. The rug features a classic decorative all-over design of palmettes, flowers and fronds, with a soft cream ground colour set against rich red, soft blue and gold-beige tones that make up the floral patterns.

    Afghan Ziegler Rugs are a popular choice for interiors. Their designs date back to the 19th century and are inspired by Persian Ziegler Rugs of the time. They regularly feature open all-over designs and use more pastel colours. This rug was woven by highly skilled weavers and uses excellent quality wool, ensuring a soft pile and durability. This rug is in good condition with some pile wear in the corners and would also benefit from professional cleaning, and this cleaning would be completed before dispatch.

    This Afghan Ziegler Rug works well in many spaces and with a variety of colour schemes. Rugs such as this are often placed in bedrooms, studies and living rooms.

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