Afghan Moshvani Rug

198 x 165cm, 6'5" x 5'4"

    An Afghan Moshvani Rug hand knotted in Afghanistan. The rug features a typical pattern of piled and flatwoven diamond motifs, with lozenge motifs in the borders. Deep red and blue colours contrast against cream and light blue tones to form the design of the rug.

    Afghan Moshvani Rugs are in high demand for homes, as they are very hardwearing, are woven with a mix of flatweave and cut pile techniques and are less expensive than other Afghan fully piled rugs. The rug is made with high quality and very durable Afghan wool by skilled weavers, making these pieces suitable for high-traffic areas. Their darker colours also do not show stains as prominently as paler handmade rugs. This rug is in good condition with some pile wear due to moth damage.

    This Afghan Moshvani Rug is a versatile addition to both modern and traditional settings. Its deeper, richer colours and mixed weave technique add texture and depth to bedrooms, snugs, living rooms and studies. 

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