We were approached by a private client with who we have worked previously at another property. They were undergoing a redesign and wanted recommendations for rugs in 5 rooms of the property.

The initial meeting with the client was spent looking at mood boards for each room so we could get a full understanding of their preferences and requirements. This included seeing samples of every material in the room from curtains to paint, upholstery and flooring. Specific requirements can also be discussed at this stage and in this case, the client wanted to have antique rugs in 4 of the 5 rooms. In particular, they wanted an Antique Savonnerie or Antique Aubusson rug for the drawing-room.

Having established the sizes of the rugs from architectural drawings, we combined this with all the information collected in our initial meeting and came up with a range of suggestions. Finding rugs in the right size, colour and design, that work well in the room and that the client loves are never easy, but we have a vast selection in stock giving us a huge advantage. The most challenging selection was for the drawing-room, as finding an Antique Savonnerie or Antique Aubusson rug over 700x400cm that would work well in the room was no mean feat. Luckily we did have some options in stock, one of which worked perfectly!

Detailed images of each of the suggested rugs were then sent to the client to look at in their own time. We always send as many images as we think necessary, in order to give the client as broad a selection of rugs as possible.

From these images, the client made an initial selection and we then arranged a home viewing for them to look at the rugs in person. For this particular project, we brought 4 options for each of the 5 rooms.

We never put pressure on clients and are happy to make multiple visits until we get it right, however in this case the rugs we trialled were a great success and we cracked it the first time. There is no obligation or call out charge for this service and we are always more than happy to visit clients at a time and location that suits them.

We left the final selection of rugs with the client so they could live with the options for some time and see what they look like in both daylight and artificial light. This doesn’t have to be limited to one option per room if the client wants to try out several rugs before deciding. Again, there is never any pressure to keep the rugs. This stage is so that the client can benefit from having time to live with the rugs and ensures they are happy with their decision before any purchases are made.

Once the client had confirmed the selection of rugs, we paid another visit to fit anti-slip underlay under all of the rugs. Needless to say, we had a very happy client.