Vintage Persian Shiraz Rug

180 x 134cm, 5'10" x 4'4"
  • SKU: C464
    A beautiful Vintage Shiraz Rug from Southern Persia. This piece was skillfully hand knotted by weavers who would have migrated from the Iranian Province, influencing this mixed design, with elements from Qashqai and Khamseh rugs. There is a small patch on the left-hand border of the rug, but this adds to the rich history of the piece.As is often seen with Persian Shiraz Rugs, this vintage piece features central pole medallions made up of three diamonds. Each diamond contains tribal patterns with alternating blue and red backgrounds, and the motifs featured have taken influence from native plants of the area.It is unusual to see two pole medallions in a rug of this size, but they balance the overall piece well, and the geometric crosses further enhance this between the medallions.The rug has a thin border with a deep blue ground colour and half diamond and lozenge motifs on its inner edges. Both these areas contain geometric flower patterns.This Shiraz Rug has a rich wool pile and a cotton warp and weft, making it highly durable while also adding warmth to traditional spaces.
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