Vintage Persian Heriz Rug

337 x 240cm, 11'0" x 7'10"
  • SKU: P613

    A hand knotted vintage Persian Heriz rug from circa 1930, woven with wool coloured from vibrant natural dyes and featuring a classic stepped medallion design enclosed by multiple borders. Heriz, located in North-West Iran, is famed for weaving highly durable rugs. This durability is down to the weavers' skill and because the city of Heriz is surrounded by land containing a lot of copper mineral deposits. As a result, the wool in this area has a higher naturally occurring copper content, and this helps fix the dye in place as copper is a natural mordant.This rug would sit well in either a traditional or contemporary setting and could be a strong focal point for any space due to the weavers' use of contrasting, vibrant colours and elaborate geometric patterns. 

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