Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug

270 x 180cm, 8'10" x 5'10"
  • SKU: K539
    A rare Vintage Anatolian Kilim Rug made with wool coloured by natural dyes. The rug is patterned with large geometric diamonds and does not contain a border. The pink, purple, grey, red and brown pastel colours used in this vintage rug are rare for an Anatolian Kilim. Despite some of the colours being on the opposite end of the colour spectrum, they blend well within this piece.The design used for the Vintage Anatolian Kilim is very traditional and a typical feature of rugs of this type. The pastel colours have been incorporated well, and because of this, the rug has a desirable abrash effect. The flatwoven technique and the rare colouration of this Kilim make it a complementary addition to more minimalist spaces.In very good condition, this Vintage Anatolian Kilim will last for many years to come. While suitable for more contemporary settings, the rug also blends well in a more traditional setting.
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