Turkish Silk Hereke rug

105 x 74cm, 3'5" x 2'5"

    A Turkish Silk Hereke rug is a luxurious and highly prized type of handwoven carpet originating from the town of Hereke, near Istanbul, Turkey. These rugs are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship, and designs, and the use of high-quality materials. Hereke rugs have been produced since the mid-19th century and were initially created for the Ottoman palaces. Over time, they have become symbols of elegance. 

    This specific Turkish Silk Hereke rug features a very detailed woven floral pattern in the centre, showcasing a harmonious blend of vibrant yellow, green, and cream colours. These hues are set against a blue and yellow backdrop, which makes the intricate floral arrangement stand out, immediately drawing the viewer's eye to the central motif. The floral patterns are meticulously crafted, highlighting the weavers' skill and attention to detail.

    Adding to the rug's allure is its bold red border, which also features an exquisite floral design. This border creates a beautiful contrast with the central area, enhancing the overall character and aesthetic appeal of the rug. The rich red hue of the border frames the central floral arrangement perfectly, making it a focal point and adding a sense of depth and dimension to the design.

    Made entirely of silk, this Hereke rug not only boasts visual beauty but also offers a luxurious tactile experience. The silk fibres give the rug a soft, smooth texture and a subtle sheen, enhancing its elegance and making it a perfect addition to any sophisticated interior. The combination of intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and premium silk material makes this Turkish Silk Hereke rug a true masterpiece of textile art.

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