Ersari Bokhara Rug

207 x 157cm, 6'9" x 5'1"

    This charming Ersari Bokhara rug boasts rich terracotta, black and brown tones, and has been beautifully hand knotted in premium wool. A common design featured on Ersari rugs is a gül (elephant's foot), which is present in the rugs field. These six motifs are comprised of geometric shapes and some interesting three-leafed fronds that almost look like clovers.

    Originally woven by the Ersari Turkoman tribe, Ersari Rugs are similar to Turkmen/Turkoman rugs. The colours of these rugs are usually rich and vibrant, in contrast with the colours of Tekke Turkmen/Turkoman Rugs. The rug has been meticulously hand-knotted from high-quality wool, making it a very durable and strong option.

    This Ersari Bokhara rug would help add a sense of calm to an interior with its earthy tones and warming colours. The rug's size makes it particularly appealing for a bedroom or study space and would complement wooden flooring.

    Please note there is light staining on this Ersari Bokhara Rug, so we advise having this piece professionally cleaned in our workshop before being dispatched. The price shown includes the cost of cleaning as well as delivery and would take around seven days to arrive with you.

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