Antique ‘Tree of Life’ Persian Tabriz Rug

It really isn’t easy to put into words how stunning this Antique Persian Tabriz rug is up close. Created in the late 19th century, this Tabriz rug is handknotted from vibrant blue and red wool and features the emblematic imagery of a tree of life, a symbol revered by many cultures.

Trees of Life are commonly depicted as large trees with roots growing inwards into the ground and branches reaching outwards to the sky. It is symbolic of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe, an everlasting bond linking the physical realm we are rooted in with the spiritual realm we aim to attain. Our connection to Mother Earth and dependence on her for growth and flourishing is embodied by the Tree of Life.

The breathtakingly beautiful tree of life design on this antique Persian rug is surrounded by a diversity of plants which is a pleasure to the eye no matter where you look; almost creating an Eden-like concept where the plants live amongst one another in blissful harmony.

Tabriz carpets from the early nineteenth century are known for their excellent weave and their adherence to traditional Persian rug design with the city of Tabriz being a major city of fine rug weaving from as far back as the 14th century.

As well as being enjoyed as a striking decorative rug, many people find pieces such as this one just as captivating when displayed as an antique tapestry rug. Placed in the right environment, this Antique rug can be hung as a work of art, creating a very engaging conversation piece. 

However you choose to display and use this Persian rug, its beauty is certain to grow over time.

Size: 379 × 308 cm, 12'5" × 10'1" ft

SKU: P607

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Product Features

Colours Blue rugs, Grey Rugs, Red Rugs
Pattern Floral Rugs
Origin Persian Rugs
Persian Rugs Tabriz

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