Antique Yomut Engsi Rug

174 x 126cm, 5'8" x 4'1"

    Part of Sir Quintine Blake's Personal Collection

    The Yomut Engsi, an exquisite relic dating back to the turn of the 20th century, bears the hallmark of a bygone era's master craftsmanship. Woven with meticulous precision, this antique Engsi commands attention with its captivating blend of colours and intricate patterns.

    Its geometrical border, rendered in a soft cream tone, frames the edges in a symphony of precision and elegance. Yet, it is the convergence of shades that sets this Engsi apart—the harmonious marriage of red, deep brown, and light cream hues that dance within the four central rectangles. These rich, vibrant colours interplay with each other, weaving a tapestry that tells tales of tradition and heritage.

    Within the cream-bordered rectangles lie geometric patterns that mesmerise the eye. Each motif, meticulously crafted in shades of red, deep brown, and light cream, forms a visual symphony that speaks volumes about the artistry and cultural significance embedded in every fibre.

    An exceptional feature of this Engsi is its original tie cords—a rarity that underscores its authenticity and historical importance. These cords, bearing the marks of time and tradition, serve as a tangible link to the Engsi's origins, symbolising the care and reverence with which it has been preserved through generations.

    In its entirety, this Yomut Engsi transcends its physical form, embodying a rich tapestry of history, culture, and artistic finesse. It invites admiration not just for its aesthetic allure but also for the heritage it encapsulates—a testament to the skill and cultural legacy of the Yomut tribe from centuries past.

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