Antique Persian Yalameh Runner

332 x 99cm, 10'10" x 3'2"

    An Antique Persian Yalameh Runner is a distinguished type of rug originating from the Yalameh region in Iran, celebrated for its craftsmanship and intricate designs. These runners are often highly valued for their detailed and vibrant patterns, which reflect the rich cultural.

    This particular Yalameh runner features an array of geometrical and pictorial patterns, showcasing the weaver's attention to detail. At the heart of the rug are five central medallions, each beautifully rendered in cream, red, and green hues. These medallions are not merely decorative but are intricately detailed, incorporating finely woven animal motifs that add a touch of elegance and storytelling to the piece.

    Surrounding these central medallions is a small border, executed in complementary shades of green and red. This geometrical border serves to frame the central motifs, enhancing the depth and character of the rug. The contrast between the central patterns and the border creates a harmonious balance, making the runner not only a functional item but also a striking piece of art that can enrich any space with its historical and aesthetic appeal.

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