Antique Persian Tabriz Rug

368 x 266cm, 12'0" x 8'8"
  • SKU: p719

    An Antique Persian Tabriz Rug is a timeless masterpiece of craftsmanship, revered for its intricate design and rich history. Originating from the city of Tabriz in northwest Iran, these rugs are celebrated for their exceptional quality, exquisite detail, and enduring beauty.

    At the heart of this particular Antique Persian Tabriz Rug lies a captivating floral motif design. Delicately woven with precision, the vibrant flowers bloom against a backdrop of deep red, creating a striking contrast that commands attention. Each petal and stem is intricately crafted, imbuing the rug with a sense of artistry and sophistication.

    The floral pattern serves as the focal point of the rug, drawing the eye with its mesmerising allure. Its warm hues and graceful arrangement infuse the space with a sense of warmth and vitality, making it an enchanting centrepiece that elevates any room.

    Surrounding the floral motif is a border adorned with a subtle yet refined design. A harmonious blend of light blue and cream hues frames the central pattern, providing a soft contrast that enhances its beauty, allowing it to stand out as the epitome of artistic excellence.

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