Antique Persian Shiraz Rug

The true beauty of Persian Shiraz rugs such as this one is the culmination of influences all beautifully handwoven into one piece. The weavers who skillfully crafted this rug would have migrated across the Iranian Province, resulting in this concoction of designs, with elements from Qashqai and Khamseh rugs.

Like most Persian Shiraz rugs, this lavish piece boasts a central pole medallion comprised of 3 lozenges, each one containing tribal patterns with alternating brown and cream backgrounds. These patterns look almost animal-like and were likely influenced by native creatures.

What makes this piece unique is the way the weaver has chosen to use this same design in the four spandrels, adding balance to the overall piece and giving the rug a rustic feel with the heavy use of burnt orange.

Typical of Shiraz rug design, this piece has multiple thick borders, each containing a zig-zag pattern and palmettes, surrounded by a thinner border that contrasts in colour.

This piece has a fairly thick woollen pile with a cotton warp and weft, and likely contains some goat hair as it was handwoven in the early 1900s. Not only does this mean the rug is extremely durable, but it would add comfort and style to any space.


Size: 279 × 226 cm, 9'1" × 7'4" ft

SKU: P628

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Product Features

Colours Blue rugs, Brown Rugs, Cream Rugs, Orange Rugs
Pattern Geometric Rugs
Origin Persian Rugs
Persian Rugs Shiraz Rugs

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